Scientists Harness “Smart” Delivery System to Blast Vitamin C Potential to New Heights

For over 50 years the medical world has used Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) to deliver precise therapeutic payloads to targeted tissues. Now this safe and proven technology has been adapted for oral delivery of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

The untold potential of this technology is creating a real buzz among physicians and consumers alike. Realization that massive dose results can be achieved with significantly smaller intakes and without having to resort to intravenous infusions or intramuscular injections is extremely appealing to both groups.

Consumers who normally choke down a handful of Vitamin C tablets throughout the day are eagerly embracing the ease of one or two easy-to-swallow doses, as well as the elimination of the customary diarrhea and gastric distress associated with large Vitamin C intake.

According to recent studies, these consumers will be getting a lot more than the benefit of greatly increased bio-availability when they use liposomal encapsulated nutrients. According to Robert Milne, MD, author of PC Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, the liposomes used to encapsulate liposomal products add many significant health benefits to these products over and above the ability to protect and transport them through the digestive system and directly into the bloodstream.