New Generation AGE Blockers Inhibit Final Glycation Reactions and Prevent AGE Formation

A new class of anti-aging supplements, called AGE blockers, works by stopping the glycation chain reaction started by glucose metabolism just prior to the formation of the AGE molecules.

Although stopping glycation reactions at the Advanced Stage does not break up cross-links that have already formed, it does limit the formation and accumulation of AGEs throughout the body without interfering with normal bodily function.

There are a few drugs that are in various stages of approval that are purported to actually be cross-link breakers. One such drug, called ALT 711, appears to do just that but may not be available on the market for some time. Another drug, aminoguanidine, is also in the midst of drug approval trials, but it has only been shown to be an inhibitor of AGE, not a cross-link breaker.

An array of substances have been tested for effectiveness at preventing AGE formation. Many of those tested work well in vitro (in the laboratory test tube) but fail in vivo (in living organisms).